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Obama official led Soros 'fund' supporting world government

Sought more U.N. helmets on U.S. soldiers, membership in International Criminal Court
Posted: July 29, 2010
10:55 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein © 2010 WorldNetDaily

Photo Eric P. Schwartz

President Obama's assistant secretary of state for population, refugees and migration, Eric P. Schwartz (Photo), previously served as the director of a George Soros-funded organization that promoted global governance.

Schwartz also coordinated meetings on behalf of Obama's transition team with a group that advocates placing more blue United Nations helmets on U.S. troops and coercing the U.S. to join the U.N.'s International Criminal Court, which could prosecute American citizens and soldiers for "war crimes" and other offenses.

A 2009 report by Cliff Kincaid, president of America's Survival Inc, warned joining the International Criminal Court "could spark a revolt in the U.S. Armed Forces."

In a separate posting, Kincaid wrote, "Schwartz and his associates are clearly laying the groundwork for the Obama Administration's acceptance of and membership in the International Criminal Court."

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Prior to his appointment to the State Department last year, Schwartz served as executive director of the U.S. Connect Fund, a Soros-funded and affiliated organization. The group promotes global governance and states on its website its mission is to influence "policy through integrative collaborative grant making on human rights, non-proliferation, climate change and development, and effective foreign assistance."

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