The story of Cuban torture survivor Amado Rodríguez (Videos y photos)

Wenceslao Cruz Blanco

“A Survivor’s Story”

The story of Cuban torture survivor Amado Rodríguez 

Amado Rodriguez was born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba in 1943. At 13, he joined the 26th of July Movement against the Batista regime and was later sent into exile to save his life. At the height of the revolution, he returned and became an activist against the Castro regime. He was arrested and spent a total of 23 years as a political prisoner during two different terms. He was 18 years old when he was first arrested in 1961 and sentenced to 30 years, of which he served 18. Four years later, Amado was arrested and sentenced to 15 years. He was released in 1989 after serving five years, four of which he spent in solitary confinement. Amado Rodriguez was considered a Prisoner of Conscience by Amnesty International and other human rights organizations. His release was the result of personal visits and petitions to the Cuban government from representatives of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Red Cross International, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and a US Senator.

Once in the USA, in the 90’s, Amado collaborated with Amnesty International investigator for Cuba and worked for “Human Rights in Cuba”, under the umbrella of Human Rights Watch. Today, Amado Rodriguez is the coordinator of human and labor rights for the “Solidaridad de Trabajadores Cubanos”, and founder & executive board member of the "Instituto de la Memoria Historica Cubana Contra el Totalitarismo."


Miami Dade College - Freedom Tower
Junio 25 de 2010

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